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DP Corner

Steve Mcnutt

DP 2 students recently took their mock exams here at Alcanta International College. I am happy to say that it was a successful process overall. Although not all students obtained the results that they expected, they hopefully now know where they need to put additional effort in preparation for the May exams. I am proud of all of our students for making it to this point of the program. It has not been any easy road at times but I am confident that they have gained immensely from being IB students. I would encourage all of them to put forth their best effort in the upcoming weeks by setting high standards for themselves and reviewing with the deliberate intent to achieve excellence. Achieving one’s full potential is one of the most satisfactory feelings that one can have in life.

Dp1 students have also been busy choosing advisers and topics for their Extended Essay. I am happy to note that all students have completed this part of the process; now they should be working devising a specific research question for their topics. One of the things that AIC has been working on with regard to the EE is establishing a process whereby students and their advisers have established and definite checkpoints along the way. In the end, this will lessen stress for students and allow to them to finish one of the most challenging aspects of the IB DP Diploma within a reasonable time frame.

I have been reflecting lately on the up and downs that many of our students face. Sometimes, the pressure seems overwhelming and it is quite tempting to give up. We have all been in this situation at one point of our life or another. I would ask students to remember that all of our lives are like books. As with every book, there are many chapters. Some chapters are filled with success, while other chapters describe challenge. Some chapters have both success and challenge. What is most important is that students recognize that they are still writing the chapter on their years as IB students. Now it is up to them to finish that chapter in the best way possible.