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The Holi Fun

Haitang Ye

Now comes a season with birds singing happily, trees sprouting, and flowers blooming. Take a stroll in the lovely breeze you may have been embracing the spring in the air. Spring is always a pleasant season to start anew, with a sober mind and a youthful heart.

Do you know what special activity is on at AIC to celebrate the spring spirit? Of course, the Holi Festival!Being a member of the AIC community, you must have known or even experienced the fun of Holi Festival, a festival originated from India where people come out of the cocoon of winter to celebrate the return of spring with dances, plays, music and, of courses, bright colors.

On a drizzling Tuesday afternoon, AIC studentsled byAthicha and the Student Council, spoiled themselves in a complete fun and exciting color fight at the school basketball court. Vibrant color powders made from corn were provided in buckets, out of which students came and took their “weapon of fun”, and went for their targeted buddies. When it comes to fun, it is always the case that the harder you “hit” a person, the deeper friendship and attachment you have with him /her. Therefore, we were more than happy to see the scene of our energetic boys and girls chasing each other, getting countless colorful stains on their T-shirts and hair, seeking their best opportunity to take revenge, or simply to enjoy being bombarded by their friends. At that time, the burst of laughter, the running out of breath made it a moment that brought all back to the best time of childhood when homework, future or pressure was never a thing to occur to a kid’s carefree mind.

A big thank you to the Student Council for organizing such a wonderful event. The Holi day would be remembered with lots of pictures and mostly precious memory of life at AIC. Happy Holy,! Happy Spring! There is always new life and new hope around.