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DP Corner December 2015

In November, all DP 2 students were busy with semester exams. Although these exams did not completely mirror the actual IB exams that students will take in May 2016, there was an attempt to give students some idea of what the actual IB examination process will be like.

Written examination results will be the major elements in determining the final grade in most IB subjects. This being the case, it is imperative that all students gain familiarity with the IB exam process. This familiarity will relieve stress and anxiety for students, as well as allowing them to perform to their full capabilities. With this in mind, the school has set mock IB exams for March 2016. At this time, students will be given a more complete simulation of the IB exam process.

Whether students are happy or somewhat disappointed with their recent exam results, it should be noted that there is time left for them in the school year to improve their results before the May 2016 exams. The main now for students to understand is what areas they need and how they can develop a study plan, in consultation with their teachers, that will allow them to reach their full potential in the IB Diploma Program.